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A work-study programme at PPS headquarters in Quakenbrück opens the door to a solid professional career for prospective office staff and engineers. On their way to becoming business administrators, work-study students learn about all commercial areas such as procurement, logistics, production planning, sales and financial accounting. Budding engineers learn how to develop, design, plan and maintain process plants, systems, mechanical engineering parts and assemblies. By alternating between theory and practice on a quarterly basis, together with the supervising university we securely bring our work-study students to their bachelor’s degree and professional qualification.

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) (m/f/d)


3 years (6 semesters)


The company and the Emsland University of Vocational Education share the tasks of vocational training, which takes place in blocks.

10-week academy phases alternate with 12-14-week company phases.


A-levels or technical college entrance qualification and additionally successful completion of an apprenticeship in the technical field.

We expect

  • Teamwork capability
  • Computer knowledge in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • One study position per year
  • Payment of tuition fees of the Institute for Dual Study Programmes at the Lingen location of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.

Apprenticeship pay

€ 1,628 gross/month throughout

Inter-company continuing training

Seminars according to offer


  • Design and development
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Production: production technology, production planning and control
  • Maintenance and quality management
  • Project management for engineering projects
  • Plant organisation
  • Areas with special features of the practice’s field of activity

Study focus

Various specialisations are offered. Within these specialisations, students can align their studies towards their professional goal, e.g. as an engineer in the field of mechanical engineering-design process engineering.

The fundamentals for all study specialisations are:

  • Technical mathematics
  • Technical physics
  • Engineering mechanics
  • General chemistry
  • Computer science     
  • Direct and alternating current technology

Flyer Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) (m/f/d)

Duales Studium mit Zukunft als Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) (m/w/d)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (m/f/d) Business management


3 years. During the first 24 months, an apprenticeship as an industrial office worker (m/f/d) takes place in parallel with a final examination before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. After a further 12 months, the Bachelor of Arts degree is awarded (B.A.).

The company and the Institute for Work-Study Programmes at the Lingen site of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences share the tasks of vocational training, which takes place in blocks. 10-week academy phases alternate with 12-16 week company phases.

The tuition fees are paid by PPS.

Apprenticeship salary

€ 1,628 gross/month throughout

Inter-company further training

Seminars according to offer

Apprenticeship positions per school year

1 apprenticeship position


A-Levels or technical college entrance qualification

We expect

Teamwork ability, interest in business, knowledge of Microsoft Office, good school graduation grades

  • One study position per year
  • We take over the tuition fees of the Institute for Work-Study Courses of Study at the Lingen site of Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.

Apprenticeship salary

€ 1,628 gross/month

Intercompany training

Seminars as offered

Apprenticeship content:

  • Logistics
    Logistics organisation, warehousing and warehousing models, purchasing with procurement market analysis, logistical processes, material and information flow, disposition, invoice and quality auditing, disposal problems
  • Production and quality management
    Production organisation, production planning, work preparation, control and monitoring the control of the production process, quality management
  • Human resources
  • Concept and organisation of human resources, personnel recruitment, labour and social law, personnel planning with demand analysis and forecasting, personnel administration
  • Marketing and sales
    Sales market analysis, calculation and design of the conditions, marketing concepts and organisation of sales management, invoicing and dispatch, use of marketing instruments to promote sales, public relations and advertising concepts
  • Controlling
    Concept and organisation of controlling, accounting, cost and performance accounting, financing and investment, accounting

Fixed components of the teaching content of all subjects:

  • Business English
  • Economics
  • Business law
  • EDP/computer science
  • Rhetoric

Prioritisation and Thesis:

In the 5th and 6th semester, the focus is on the study programme. It is possible for the apprentices/students to get to know the company practice according to the chosen focus.

The Bachelor’s thesis is written in the 6th semester after the theoretical phase and covers a period of 8 weeks. In accordance with its importance, practical topics should be chosen that relate to the training company’s field of activity. The thesis is written in the training company during the company phase and is supervised by a company supervisor.


Duales Studium mit Zukunft als Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (m/w/d) Betriebswirtschaft

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