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Welcome to PPS! I am Jana Schützchen and have been HR Manager with PPS since 2019. When I joined the company, PPS had already been successful in the market for 65 years. Nevertheless, PPS made the job of doing good things better easy for me from the very beginning. I have a lot of creative freedom, my ideas are heard and different opinions are discussed together until the best possible solution is found.

As a relatively new PPS employee, I find it delightful and enriching to meet many people who have been here for 40 years on the one hand – and on the other hand to work with many colleagues who are just as new to the company as I am. What makes PPS special for me? I experience the personal atmosphere of a family business here while at the same time I know that the parent company HABAU GROUP is a strong supporter behind me. All in all, I work at PPS as an employer is fun and everyone can develop and grow if he or she wants to. That’s really great.

Our motto “We connect. Securely.” is to me also a fitting image for the tangible cohesion among the staff. After all, it’s the bond to our company, to the project and to our team members that gives all of us security and ensures the business success of PPS for the future as well.

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Jana Schützchen

Personnel Management
T +49 5431 14 213

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