Compressor station Emsbüren - new construction station outlet / replacement MOV

Pipework, civil engineering and structural engineering for new construction of Emsbüren station outlet and replacement of MOV 4010 valve

Emsbüren, Lower Saxony

  • Structural and civil engineering
  • Procurement of equipment and materials for ancillary systems
  • Dismantling of pipelines and fittings
  • Prefabrication and assembly of pipe systems
  • Supply and installation of pipe and fitting supports
  • Pressure and leakage testing
  • Non-destructive material testing
  • Integration of the new pipe systems into the transmission lines
  • Coating and jacketing
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • Commissioning support

April to November 2017

Open Grid Europe GmbH

Project information

Download project information, PDF here.