For a gas transport pipeline to Wolfsburg, Gasunie awards the general contractor contract ETL 178 to a consortium

An important decision for achieving the currently most important project for Lower Saxony in the field of gas infrastructure

The ETL 178 consortium consists of the companies HABAU Hoch- und Tiefbaugesellschaft m.b.H., Perg, Friedrich Vorwerk KG, Tostedt and PPS Pipeline Systems. It has already successfully completed many projects in this constellation.

The contract involves the construction of a new gas transport pipeline approximately 33 kilometres long between the Walle station (Gifhorn district) and the Volkswagen factory site in Wolfsburg. The pipeline is designed for a maximum operating pressure of 84 bars and has a nominal diameter of 400 millimetres. It is the prerequisite for modernising the two existing coal-fired power plants at the VW production site in Wolfsburg and converting them over to natural gas – a less CO2-intensive energy source. The project also includes the construction or expansion of a total of six valve stations along the route and is currently in the planning approval phase.

Jens Schumann, Managing Director of Gasunie Deutschland, emphasised the importance of the general contractor for the successful implementation of the project: … “Only with a high degree of professionalism, cost and safety awareness can the necessary steps towards a low CO2 energy supply be taken”…

Ansgar Kortbus, spokesman for the technical management of the consortium, is pleased about Gasunie’s trust: “We are convinced that we will set up a professional team for the ETL 178 project who will realise the project safely, on schedule and in the usual quality.”