Clear awareness
of quality and risk.

The construction and maintenance of pipelines, pipeline systems and technical facilities are complex tasks. The more complex a project is, the more its success depends on every involved person being clearly aware of quality and risk. We raise this awareness by means of clear guidelines and binding routines. They increase the safety of our employees and the infrastructure for which we are responsible.

We strive to comply with and continuously improve our processes in terms of quality, safety and sustainability. In doing so, we accept our social responsibility and strictly adhere to obligations and requirements.

These points are reflected in our integrated management systems. They reflect the basis of our principles and ensure their implementation. Our management systems are certified in accordance with quality, occupational safety and environmental protection requirements. They are regularly evaluated and audited by external bodies.

Our mission does not end with the contractual completion of a project. We are interested in long-term business relationships in which we live the partnership and meet as equals. This applies to our clients, suppliers and partner companies to the same extent. Only in this way is it possible for us to deliver more than 100%.

Our employees also stand behind our quality promise and put it into practice in their daily work. To do this, we need up-to-date knowledge.

This why our integrated management systems define precise training and further education measures which bring out the potential of our personnel and guarantee the implementation of all projects with the most modern methods and technologies.

All activities in PPS are transparent and coordinated. To further increase our efficiency, all actions are subject to a continuous improvement process. This is how we ensure we will continue to be successful in the future and that we offer services that inspire our clients.

Taking care of the health and safety of our employees is not only a duty, but a matter of course for us.

With our safety and health management systems, which are part of our integrated management systems, we actively help to prevent injuries and illnesses. To protect our personnel, we go far beyond the applicable legal obligations. In doing so, we preserve the ability to work and keep downtime to a minimum. This is another reason why it’s in our interest to actively develop our safety and health culture on an ongoing basis. We involve our partners in all issues associated with safety and health.

Environmental protection has always been part of our corporate philosophy. We are aware of our responsibility and how our actions have an impact on our environment. We are committed to keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible. To this end, we utilise all technical and economic efforts to conserve resources and improve energy efficiency. All PPS employees are involved in this process and are encouraged to avoid burdening the environment.

To fulfil our responsibility, we continuously identify and evaluate the environmental aspects of our projects. This analysis and documentation makes the set environmental goals comprehensible and verifiable. At the same time we use this tool to check in which areas we can improve further. After all, transparency is the key to credibility.

What shapes our actions




HSE management system as to SCCP

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Occupational health and safety management system as to DIN EN 45001

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Quality management system as to DIN EN ISO 9001

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Environmental management system as to DIN EN ISO 14001

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Certification as to SCL

(Safety Culture Ladder) Level 3 – 2021

All certificates and approvals

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