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The interaction of precise analytics and delay-free control ensures a flowing, demand-oriented supply of energy in gas networks. At PPS, we make our contribution by planning, installing and maintaining state-of-the-art electrical measurement and control technology in gas pressure regulating stations. Since the beginning of 2020, we have established all control technology-related services as an independent module in the PPS portfolio, thus meeting not least the requirements of our customers. Today, our young EI&C team already ensures a safe sensor and remote-controlled energy flow at many switch points of the gas infrastructure. We work independently of manufacturers and, in addition to WINTER ROHRBAU systems, we also equip gas pressure control stations, biogas and hydrogen feed-in stations, as well as compressor units from other manufacturers with control technology.

At PPS, experienced and excellently trained specialists work on every EI&C project, from planning to project management to installation. Realistic and reliable targets for all important project milestones guarantee our clients and partners maximum planning reliability, even for complex EI&C challenges.

A carefully and cleanly documented EI&C installation maintains and stabilizes the value of a plant over its entire life cycle. For this reason, we at PPS keep our EI&C services transparent from the very beginning. All project processes are just as comprehensible for our clients and partners as the details of the installed equipment and functions.

  • Planning
  • Maintenance
  • Ready-to-operate installation of low-voltage systems
  • Control cabinets for control and automation technology
  • Process optimisation
  • Field installations
  • Commissioning and documentation

We undertake functional testing, maintenance work and repairs and prepare EI&C installations for regular inspection visits – also on the basis of service and framework agreements. In addition, we install and interconnect the measurement technology as well as the monitoring and control technology for a wide range of process variables while taking the highest quality and safety standards into account.

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