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Throughout Germany we enjoy an excellent reputation in pipeline construction among our clients and partners as a reliable, expert specialist for secure connections. We’ve completed numerous large pipeline projects – sometimes cross-border – on budget and on time, either in their entire length or in batch sections from A to B. Many pipeline projects in the recent past demonstrate our competence in pipeline construction. Our references are representative of the experience we’ve gained in almost 70 years of planning, execution and management.

Gas is the most frequently transported medium by pipeline in Germany. That’s why many of our references come from gas transport company projects. However at PPS we also lay oxygen, hydrogen-H2 and drinking water pipelines, among others, and create secure pipeline connections for all relevant media. The list of our specific approvals for the construction of the respective pipeline infrastructure is correspondingly extensive.

In pipeline construction, professionally and safely executed welded joints are crucial for a clean project sequence and, in the long term, essential for operational safety and supply security. For this reason, we invest heavily in the training and certification of our specialists and in state-of-the-art welding equipment and technology. This strategy pays off – for example in the high quality, progress and efficiency of the joints we weld.

Large pipeline projects require the cooperation of many well-trained specialists on a temporary basis. Thanks to our good connections, we can ensure the manpower required for any pipeline construction project at short notice. With a high-performance team consisting of the PPS permanent staff and temporary colleagues, we bring our clients’ projects to a successful conclusion.

When we talk about pipeline construction by PPS, we mean pipelines with an internal diameter from about 400 mm upwards to pipe sizes of 60 inches (DN 1800), as may be required by national and international contractors. We talk about construction sites that connect pipelines over many kilometres. The detailed interaction between different building trade disciplines and the management of the logistics are essential on these line construction sites in order to achieve a very high daily pipe-laying performance with reproducible and excellent quality. In addition to our specialists and in order to meet this requirement, we have the necessary special equipment, which our technical service optimises and makes available to the projects as needed. In cooperation with the HABAU Group and the WINTER ROHRBAU business unit, we are a full-service provider that supports our customers in all technical challenges.

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