Refur­bish­ment of the Scheerhorn reservoir water system LOT 3, String 2 + 5

Refurbishment of the reservoir water system String 2+5, as well as laying the thermally insulated clean oil pipeline in the Scheerhorn oil field.

Hoogstede, Lower Saxony

  • Laying of approx. 2,600 m of buried GRP pipes DN 250 and a thermally insulated clean oil pipeline DN 100, incl. civil engineering
  • New construction of station piping (material 1.4462) at the starting and end points of the piping systems to be constructed
  • 10 horizontal boreholes up to DN 450 and up to 320 m length (roads and waterways)
  • Two pile driving crossings up to DN 450 (service roads)
  • Two railway crossings using the DN 450 drilling-pressing method
  • Execution in joint venture

January to September 2015

Neptune Energy Deutschland GmbH

Project information

Download project information, PDF here.