Relocation of the ETL between Neurhede and Dörpen


Good timing: project hits the right time of year

UPM Nordland Papier company is building a gas and steam turbine power plant in Dörpen in the Emsland region. Utility company EWE Netz GmbH is providing the high-pressure gas connection required to operate the gas-fired power plant.

The WINTER ROHRBAU business unit was awarded the contract for the construction of the natural gas transport pipeline with nominal diameters of DN 400 or DN 300 and a length of 12.3 kilometres. The pipeline is to be operated with a maximum operating pressure of 84 bars. In addition to the pipeline, two empty pipe systems will be provided for control purposes.

Two district roads, two federal motorways and a German Railway line with pressings and the motorway BAB 31, the river Ems and the coastal canal are to be crossed using the horizontal drilling method along the pipeline route.

During the execution of the project, special attention is paid to nature conservation regulations for two sections of the route.

The start of the first preparatory works for the project was February, 2021, and the connection to the gas pressure control measurement system on the site of the UPM Nordland Papier mill is planned for the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022.