Schwandorf-Forchheim natural gas pipeline Lots 1 and 2

Construction of a natural gas pipeline from the gas pressure regulating and metering station in Schwandorf to the Forchheim station, mainly parallel to the existing natural gas pipeline Rothenstadt – Forchheim

Schwandorf-Forchheim section, Germany

  • 63.6 km DN 1000, DP 100
  • New construction of 3 pig trap stations in Schwandorf, Arresting and Forchheim
  • New construction of 4 valve stations in Dietldorf, Hochdorf, Painten and Prunn
  • Various crossings in the drilling-pressing process
    – 2 waterway crossings using the culvert construction method
  • River crossing Vils (micro-tunnelling, DN 1400)
  • Crossing of state road St 2394 / DB route 5850 (micro-tunnelling, DN 1400)
  • Crossing of the Main-Danube Canal (micro-tunnelling, DN 1400)
  • Crossing of the A 3 motorway (micro-tunnelling, DN 1400)

August 2016 – October 2017

Open Grid Europe GmbH

Project information

Download project information, PDF here.