Timeout from theory

Practical insights into professional life enrich the study period and pay off at the latest at the start of your work life. We also benefit from the knowledge that students bring to our company. In the areas of plant construction, pipeline building, construction site monitoring and as project assistants, we welcome students who stay at PPS for a period of at least four weeks and up to one semester as interns, in accordance with the examination regulations.

Now connect in practice.

Are you studying and do you want more? Then get in touch with professional job practice. Either apply on your own initiative for an internship at PPS, or talk to our recruiter Ms Wasjukowitsch.

Portrait Wasjukowitsch

Wassilina Wasjukowitsch

T +49 5431 14 279
M +49 175 184 58 59
E wasjukowitsch.wassilina@pipelinesystems.de