We offer work.

Committed like a family business, yet we’re as secure as a major corporation – that’s PPS.

As a contractor and service provider in the construction industry, we do everything to produce sound connections. This applies to our projects and to our employees.

We know that people, families and lives depend on each other when it comes to our close to 600 jobs. That’s why we take responsibility – not only for the safety of our employees and their jobs, but also for their career prospects.

What distinguishes us in detail? A pronounced awareness of quality and safety, practical thinking and action, a feel for talent and our good reputation in a sought-after industry.

With an attentive eye on the needs of our employees, we know that we can rely on their expertise and commitment. Each individual’s competence and skills deserve genuine appreciation and recognition.


Bicycle leasing is one of many contributions we make to employee health. You choose what suits you best and we’ll calculate and contribute to the leasing rate for each month and employee over 3 years.

Construction industry wage agreement

We pay our team in accordance to the attractive collective wage agreement for the construction industry. At PPS each individual benefits from the agreements and contracts of a strong industry.

Company car

Some tasks at PPS require mobility. Employees in these areas therefore are entitled to a company car.

Corporate benefits

Thanks to the changing discount campaigns of many well-known brands and retailers, the PPS team saves money month after month when shopping online.


We support the use of fitness and wellness offers of the Qualitrain association with € 22.50 per month per employee.

Company pension scheme

This offer supports a private supplementary pension. This type of old-age provision is managed, among others, through the pension scheme of the construction industry.

Capital-formation benefits

As an alternative to the company pension scheme, PPS offers capital-formation benefits under collective agreements.

Staff events

We work together and celebrate together, for example at Christmas parties, summer events, honours for long-service anniversaries and and and...

Safety and special glasses

We cover the expenses of our employees for protective glasses and special VDU glasses.

Company physician

Regular health check-ups, e.g. for drivers, machine operators and welders, ensure greater safety at work.

Childcare costs

We pay pro rata costs for children in an accommodation and care facility. From the 1st year of life up to the 3rd birthday.

Health, Safety, Environment Bonus

We reward the safe behavior of our commercial employees with €25.00 per month. This credit bonus can be redeemed at many well-known retailers.