Baltic Pipe project: secure and sustainable energy supply across borders

In a joint venture with UAB MT Group from Lithuania, PPS was awarded the contract by GAZ SYSTEMS S.A., Warsaw, for the construction of the gas pipeline between Goleniów and Lwówek (connection to the offshore pipeline). The contract includes the construction of the receiving terminal in Konarzewo, the valve stations in Niechorze and Wilczkowo, and the reconstruction of the pigging station in Ploty.

The Baltic Pipe project is a strategic infrastructure project aimed at creating a new gas supply corridor in the European market. It enables the transport of gas from Norway to markets in Denmark and Poland, and to consumers in neighbouring countries. Conversely, gas from Poland can be delivered to Denmark through the Baltic Pipe. The Baltic Pipe will have a transport capacity of to Poland of up to 10 billion cubic meters per year and up to 3 billion cubic meters per year to Denmark and Sweden.

The project was developed in cooperation with the Danish gas and electricity transmission operator Energinet and the Polish gas transmission operator GAZ-SYSTEMS S.A.

The project is scheduled to be commissioned in 2022.

Technical data

Length 41 km
4,5 km DN 900,
36,5 km DN 1000