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Pipes are
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At PPS, the construction of buried pipeline includes those for all pressure levels and nominal sizes throughout Germany. We have the technically best possible solutions for transporting all media

Gas, oil, water other fluids and also district heating are transported through pipeline systems built by PPS. Depending on the customer’s specifications, materials made of steel, PE or GRP are used. PPS has the necessary approvals for processing and laying all materials. Projects ranging from a few metres in length to many kilometres have been achieved by our teams throughout Germany over the past decades.

In addition to the construction of new pipeline projects, old pipelines are also constantly restored. Pipeline systems are decommissioned and the corresponding pipeline sections are rebuilt in close cooperation with the client. Often this is done in the same route, so that the dismantling of the old pipelines is also our responsibility.

With experienced and trained personnel and the appropriate equipment, civil engineering is an essential part of our underground pipeline construction projects. Whether pipe trenches for line construction sites, head access holes for refurbishing pipelines or excavation pits for tie-ins – PPS safely carries out all relevant civil engineering works.

Buried Pipeline Construction


Buried Pipeline Construction

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