New construction of high pressure gas pipeline Poitzen – Munster

Pipe and civil engineering works for the new construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline

Lower Saxony, Germany

  • New construction of the connection pipeline from the Poitzen station to the end consumer Stadtwerke Munster (line 308) 12,000 m DN 150, DP 100 bars
  • New construction of loop pipeline from Oberohre station to Poitzen station (Line 309) 6,500 m DN 150, DP 100 bars
  • New construction of connection line from Fassberg station (line 309.1) 140 m DN 100, DP 100 bars, MOP 70 bars
  • 14 horizontal boreholes using two midi-rigs
  • 3 horizontal boreholes using large-scale drilling technology
  • 4 road crossings using dynamic pile driving

March to September 2020

Nowega GmbH 

Project information

Download project information, PDF here.