Expansion of MEGAL compressor station Rothenstadt, line connection

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Connecting the Rothenstadt compressor station to the long-distance pipeline network of Open Grid Europe GmbH

Weiden, Rothenstadt (Bavaria)

  • Connection to line 451 DN 1100 PN 84, line 51 DN 1200 PN 84 and line 26 DN 700 PN 70
  • Extension of the connections of the mobile pig trap line 26/001 DN 800 PN 70 and 26/401 DN 1000 – – PN 100 into the area of the new compressor station Rothenstadt
  • Connection of the DN 400 and DN 300 collective blow-out system and connection to the central blow-out system
  • Feed pipe line 26/1 DN 800 from Rothenstadt station to EP4 compressor station

Complete pipe construction of the branch fitting groups 2 x DN 1000 and 1 x DN 700 as well as construction of the pig trap interconnections DN 1000 and DN 800

April to December 2017

Open Grid Europe GmbH

Project information

Download project information, PDF here.