Field pipeline Rühlermoor H4 - Adorf Z7 Pipes lowered to the ground by cranes

Rohre werden von Kränen zu Erde gelassen

New construction of a field pipeline for the transport of reservoir water from the Rühlermoor H4 station to the Adorf Z7 station, as general contractor

Adorf (Lower Saxony)

  • Laying of 10.7 km field pipeline DN 200, PN 40 made of duplex steel, material no. 1.4462, thermally insulated with a PE casing pipe DA 315 x 12.00
  • Integration in two stations
  • 6 HDD crossings in direct pipe feed up to a length of 570 m, including three boreholes in the nature conservation area
  • 5 HDD boreholes with a DN 600 steel protection pipe
  • 2 road crossings using the drill-press method
  • Dewatering along the entire length of the pipeline

March to October 2017

Oil/gas industry

Project information

Download project information, PDF here.