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Planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning of the biogas feed-in station Torgelow ZBA.

In June of 2020, we received an order from E.DIS Netz GmbH for the planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of the biogas feed-in station. In the first step we were commissioned with planning, including the provision of the approval documents for the construction and the BlmSchG (Federal Emission Control Act) application. We expect to receive the permit in April of 2021, after which the go-ahead will be given for the construction of the project.

All pipelines will then be prefabricated as spools in Leipzig, tested and approved by an expert. Subsequently the assemblies will be installed in the new plant building, to be constructed by PPS on site.

Before being fed into the grid, the biogas will be processed in a biogas upgrading plant and then fed into the bio-methane feed-in plant. The upgraded bio-methane will then be transferred with a quality in accordance with German DVGW worksheets G 260, G 262 and the values specified in the German PTB-TR G 14 and fed into the natural gas distribution network of E.DIS Netz GmbH. The required gas quality will be ensured by a conditioning plant, which is also to be newly constructed.