New construction of the Weser culvert

Civil engineering, pipe and tunnel construction works for the new construction of the approx. 350 m long culvert with shield driving (reinforced concrete pipe DN 1700).


  • Preparation of complete detailed planning for the start and end shafts, for the borehole, intake ramp, the roller constructions for the intake and the intake itself
  • Delivery and installation of the materials (excluding gas products and cable protection pipes)
  • Pulling in of 6 cable protection pipes DA 110 mm
  • Installation and integration of three high-pressure gas pipes into the existing pipeline system
  • Two DN 400 PN 70, length approx. 450 m each (Gasunie Germany)
  • One DN 300 PN 70, length approx. 450 m (OGE)

Technical details

  • Cover of the concrete pipes between 6.36 m and 14.16 m
  • Max. depth of the tunnel in relation to ground level (top ground surface) approx. 27.60 m
  • Micro-tunnel inner diameter 1,700 mm, outer diameter 2,120 mm
  • Depth of start shaft approx. 9.00 m, end shaft approx. 13.00 m with respect to to ground level

March 2014 until April 2015

Open Grid Europe GmbH and Gasunie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Project information

Download project information, PDF here.